Gospelfest for children is owned, and produced by Katherine Alexander. Gospelfest was a show for children 6-12 years old, and is a spin off of the popular show Kidfest.

This show had dancing, singing and reading all done by the kids that comes to the show.
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The same producers that produced Kidfest also produces this show. Producers Are: Charles Alexander, Katherine Alexander,  Stephanie Cooper, Joe Simmons. >>More<<
A Latch Key Kid Production
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Sherie has always been apart of "A Latch Key Kid Production since the age of 4 going on 5 years old thanks to her mother Stephanine Cooper. She started with KIDFEST and worked her way to Gospelfest until she turned 16 years old. She was like a daughter to Katherine and the other staff member. She and her Brother Corey was the oldest children of Kidfest.
Sherie Royster-Host
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