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Kenya Alexander, also known as Que (pronounced like the letter "Q in
English and "K in Spanish) was born and raised in Durham. Attending
elementary, middle, and high school, reading and writing builds my rapping
style. Growing up in my teenage years, showed me the credibility side of
music because everybody goes through something everyday. I approach people with respect and can be very open-minded about situation. Que started rapping in 1999 and 2000 writing and listening to others, music from his dad, while going to college and working. Many things influenced the music side of my life. Surrounded by radios, TV, studios, he decides to make a career and show everyone what talent he has, since he kept life rapping and writing private.
Not trying to be like other rappers, the style I inquired in the music field is from in the streets, at home, or at shows seen around the world. In 1999, sent to Job corps to get a degree in Word Processing, Business/Clerical, and Internet Technologies (currently taking in college) and went into the United States Marine Corps. After years in the military, started working with local artist to get my style of rapping out. This is the first spill of music that is heard, and many much more music on it way. Que was also apart of a rap group called Freshwater and "QC (Que and Cstyle) doing mix tapes and musical beats. In high school, Que also taken up piano and learning different styles on how a piano is played for individuals. Working on my style is a composition done with his dad to get a feel of a new style. The album "Mind of a Menace pt. 1 is coming in the late summer time. Be on the look out.Working on my style shows another approach to Hip-Hop. Instead of the style mostly used today, its a blend of jazz and hip-hop with a positive attitude about a style that hardly known about. In 2006, Que composes 17 songs for the album and wants to influence people to look at the big picture. Que states "I don't like using cursing in my raps, but that the only way to reach people and let them hear you out."In today society, I feel I grew up really fast, as I see other people trying to get money and material things. Que's goal is to show the world how you can be a musician without using violence, just your mind and talent.


Que: Hustling Backwards
QUE (Quiteuniqueent): (B)lack (I)n (A)merika (B.I.A.) 2009
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